OpenStack RDO Queens: Magnum – Kubernetes Cluster, Getting past VolumeType() Error

I’m putting together a microcloud demo based on RDO OpenStack.  I really want to see Kubernetes container orchestration in action!  Unfortunately the RDO packstack “all-in-one” distribution of OpenStack is rife with bugs and has few examples on setting up core services like Docker and Kubernetes support.  One thing I like about Ansible documentation is that all their module commands have real world examples that work.  There is little confusion on how playbooks should be written.  The OpenStack docs read like long man files with examples periodically sprinkled in.

Starting with this article I intend to write a series on setting up OpenStack RDO.  Along the way I’ll provide explanations, setup examples in Horizon and solutions to common OpenStack problems.  Today we are tackling volume creation error upon cluster creation.



I installed OpenStack RDO – Queens follwoing the instrunctions from their site.  Here is the link:

I want to setup kubernetes clusters; managed from OpenStack.  To do this with RDO packstack we must first generate an answer file.  This step is absolutely nessasary for the packstack script to know we want Heat and Magnum services installed.  Magnum is the cluster managment service for containers.  If Heat & Magnum are not specifically enabled in the answer script you will not see the ‘cluster’ & ‘cluster template’ section in Horizon(OpenStack Web UI).


Now edit the newly generated, ‘queens-answerfile.txt’.


Finish the packstack installation; specifying the answer file we just generated and subsuqently modified to include Heat and Magnum services.


The problem it seems is that Magnum(OpenStack cluster managment) needs a certain value to passed between Heat(OpenStack orchestration stack) and Cinder(Openstack volume management).

Add the following to the /etc/magnum/magnum.conf:


Now we need to restart the OpenStack services.  The easiest way is to install openstack-utils with yum.


Select yes, after installation we should be able to easily restart specific services.


Now when you login to OpenStack the ‘cluster’ & ‘cluster templates’ section are enabled and the VolumeError() bug is solved.

On to the next obstacle!  The network work creation fails!  Stay tuned…

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  • User1

    Thanks, I was looking through bug logs for days trying to figure it out. In my case I needed to use = lvm instead of iscsi.

    Comment | April 20, 2018

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