Adjust date & time (NTP) on Fedora Linux

Correct time is crucial for many Network services.  Time stamps are required for accurate logs, email, and in the case of Asterisk – voicemail.  A customer sent me a request for instructions on adjusting date & time for their Asterisk PBX.  Most Fedora based systems come with a tool just for this purpose.  From the Desktop open a console window and type:

[root@localhost Desktop]$ system-config-date

This should bring up the tool to easily change date/time options including NTP(Network Time Protocol).  We can also adjust this remotely from any Xwindows desktop with SSH.  The ‘X’ option tells SSH to forward X session data.

[matt@localhost Desktop]$ ssh -l root -X

After login open the tool on the remote machine.

[root@mattop1 ~]# system-config-date

You should see something like this, adjust accordingly. Enjoy!

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