Resample MP3’s for Polycom Ringtones with Audacity

A customer of VoiceIP Solutions sent me this useful tutorial for re-sampling Polycom Ringtones.   If you have an MP3 you like, it can be re-sampled for use with a Polycom IP SIP phone!  The procedure is pretty straight forward, Install Audacity with yum or your favorite package manager, re-sample the track, then edit the proper Polycom Soundpoint boot files.

Goals of this Post:

– Install Audacity Digital Audio Editor
– Convert a MP3 to Polycom compatible track
– Enable custom special Ringtone on Polycom Soundpoint IP SIP phone

This tutorial comes from Josh Kesecker, the Technology Manager of Wallowa County ESD – with some edits by me!  The first item of business is to install Audacity, remember to install from RPM fusion.  For licensing reasons the version of Audacity in the Fedora repositories does not contain MP3 support.

Re-Mastering Audio File Using Audacity:

NOTE:  Standard Audacity does not support MP3’s!  Install audacity-freeworld from RPM fusion repository. In the bottom-left corner, click the project rate and change it to 8000.  Open the mp3 or wave file you wish to use in Audacity.

Change the recording to Mono, if needed.  You can find this option under the ‘Tracks’ menu.  Under the ‘Edit’ menu, choose ‘Preferences’.  The accepted wav format varies a bit from model to model.  for Polycom 501 SIP phones:

• mono G.711 (13-bit dynamic range, 8-khz sample rate)
• mono L16/16000 (16-bit dynamic range, 16-kHz sample rate)
• mono L16/32000 (16-bit dynamic range, 32-kHz sample rate)
• mono L16/48000 (16-bit dynamic range, 48-kHz sample rate)

On the ‘File Formats’ tab, change the ‘Uncompressed Export Format’ to ‘Other’. This will open a dialog box. Choose WAV (Microsoft) for the header and U-Law encoding.

NOTE:  This feature was not at this location on my version of Audacity – Fedora 11.

Click OK. Click OK again.  On the File menu, choose ‘Export as WAV…’ and save it somewhere.

Note: In my version of Audacity I had to click on the ‘Options’ bar to choose format right before I saved it.

Now look at the new exported file and note the size.  The audio clip must be less than 300 KB.  Trim you audio clip to match, make sure it’s loud, it sounds quieter on the phone.  Export your final ring type.  Copy your new file to the correct FTP directory.

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  • Antony

    Excellent as far as it goes, but how do you get the ringtone onto the phone? The intro says “Install Audacity with yum or your favorite package manager, re-sample the track, then edit the proper Polycom Soundpoint boot files.”

    Which are the appropriate Polycom boot files to edit, and what needs editing to make use of the new sound?

    Comment | April 19, 2012

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