‘Copy & Paste’ doesn’t mix with curl

I’m playing with Fedora Atomic and containers a lot lately and for fun decided to install Artifactory(binary repository server). Jfrog(The makers of Artifactory) have an easy container install using ‘curl’. Perfect!

Following their instructions I copied the command line arguments to install with curl:

I’m pretty new to Fedora Atomic so I spent 2 hours double checking curl and the appropriate packages were baked into the image(read about rpm-ostree in Fedora/CentOS Atomic). After I double checked the default curl install, I started googling. Lots of post, but no definitive answers.

Then I it occurred to me that the apostrophes I copied looked like this when pasted, ” ’ ” when in fact they should be the single quote( ‘ ) found in the top left hand corner of a US keyboard. Once I corrected the apostrophes it worked like a charm! Except WordPress incorrectly renders my example below! Can’t win for losing folks!

After download it failed because Fedora Atomic has a read-only file system. Artifactory couldn’t write to it’s normal data directory, so I setup a docker volume!

Now the Artifactory container is running!

Jfrog and Docker make it easy to setup Artifactory as a container!

Moral of the story: Be careful when you ‘cut & paste’.  

Remember(especially when copying) from a random web site(like mine); check that all the characters are formatted correctly in your terminal before blaming curl!

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