Disable automatic offline mode in Firefox

If you use wireless with Fedora or Ubuntu then you problably encountered the annoying, “OFFLINE mode – Firefox is currently in offline mode and can’t browse the Web” page.  You start your web browser after selecting the access point you want and that obnoxious message appears.  So I’m writing this post to remind myself how to fix it without twenty minutes of googling.  Basically Firefox by default checks to see if you have a network connection via the Linux Network Manager applet.  This works fine under normal cicumstances, but I prefer init scripts to start my ethernet interfaces.  Even though you may be connected to the LAN, Firefox doesnt know.

Point your browser to ‘about:config’.  Leave out the “http://” portion.

Select ‘toolkit.networkmanager.disable’ to ‘true’, by clicking on the field and pressing the ‘enter’ key.  It should look like this:

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