How to setup auto-provisioning for Polycom SoundPoint IP phones using the Asterisk Appliance

The Digium Asterisk Appliance has built-in features for handling Polycom SIP handsets.  It’s very easy to do and will save you the trouble of individually configuring the settings of each phone.  I have a Digium AA50 configured with a standard dial plan and a Polycom Soundpoint IP 501.

Goals of this Post:

– Configure AA50 Polycom Provisioning
– Configure Polycom SoundPoint IP 501 phone

Login to the AA50.  Create a new user.  Select the ‘Users’ tab and click on ‘Create New User’ button.  Hopefully by now you have already changed the default password and created a default dial plan.  otherwise you will not be able to add a SIP user.

Configure the user setting to your taste using the screenshot above as a template.  Notice that my Polycom phone’s MAC address is entered in the ‘Voip Settings’ box.  All lowercase letters.  The MAC address is a unique serial number that resides on a grey sticker on the back of every Polycom SIP phone.  Each SIP extension should have the MAC Address of their phone for Polycom provisioning.  Save your new extension and apply the settings.  Before we move on to the Polycom phone, we need to make sure that Polycom web provisioning is enabled.

Click on the networking tab of the sidebar.  Under the ‘General’ section you should see a section called, ‘URL for Polycom auto provisionong’.  The default is, ‘’.  Change this to reflect the LAN settings of your AA50.  Don’t forget to apply settings.

The Next order of business is to configure the Polycom 501 to contact the AA50 at boot and retrieve it’s configuration file.  Before the phone boots select ‘settings’.  The Default password for all Polycom SoundPointIP products is ‘456’.

Scroll down the menu til you come to ‘Server Menu’.  From the ‘Server Menu’ screen select ‘Server Type’ and select ‘HTTP’.  Next, type the URL into the Server Address field exactly as it look in the AA50 web GUI.  For example include the ‘’ exactly.  Leave the user and password blank.  Reboot the phone and you should be good to go!

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