Fedora 11 detects and installs on-board Intel RAID driver correctly

Do you own a Mainboard that has built-in RAID, only offers Windows drivers?  have you always wanted to use the RAID BIOS for managing disks, but only had the Linux MD Soft RAID as option?  Not anymore!  I’m using a INTEL D945 GNT Desktop board with two 160 GB, Serial ATA drives.  I entered the BIOS menu and selected the RAID option.  After a reboot a RAID BIOS menu appeared and I was able to create a RAID 0 array.

Then I booted to Fedora 11 with a Live USB device.  From the Desktop I double clicked on the ‘install to hard drive’ icon.  I was really surprised to see a single 320 GB disk!  I did the install and it booted perfectly!

Now, some naysayers will complain, “It’s still Soft RAID anyways…”.  It’s a crappy point to make, obviously it’s still Soft RAID, but the main difference is the ability to create and manage RAID disks from the BIOS as opposed to using a Linux boot disk or the OS(if you can).  Most consumer grade RAID PCI cards use Soft RAID anyways.

Also lets consider, that in the past it was necessary to have a special RAID controller for performance gains.  But modern SATA boards have the PCI bus and the processing power to make those gains negligible(except compared to very pricey cards).  The real feature most of us want is the ability to access the RAID arrays from the BIOS boot screen.  Thank You Redhat, I’m already really liking fedora 11, I don’t need to throw away $150 on 3Ware SATA RAID cards anymore!  Please post your on-board Linux RAID success stories!


  • Bido

    Please, could you detail to me the BIOS Settings that you use, because I have a Intel Server board S3200SH and Fedora 11 x86_64 don’t detect any disk.

    I tried with Ubuntu 9.04 but it detects my 4 hard disk not as a Raid.

    I tested SATA RAID OPROM as Intel Matrix Storage and LSI with the same results.
    I can configure the RAID without any problem but Fedora don’t detect it.
    I will appreciate your help.


    Comment | July 31, 2009
  • mattb

    I didn’t do much, it just automatically selected the ‘isw’ intel raid driver for me. Did you enable the BIOS ‘RAID menu’? You have to construct the array before you boot the installation media.

    Comment | August 2, 2009
  • I think the main diference is that you Bido use a LSI RAD intead off Intel Matrix Feature. This can be set in Bios.

    Comment | August 22, 2009

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