Ventrilo Linux Client in Fifth Year of Development

I play World of Warcraft on Linux all the time.  I boot into Windows XP for Arena and extended play, but all my causual gaming is on my work computer – that runs Linux.  So for this reason I’ve had an interest in the upcoming Ventrilo Linux client for a long time. A very long time.

Since 2005 when they first announced that the client version for Linux was on it’s way I’ve been excited!  Imagine the Linux Desktop getting support from the industry leader in VoIP group communications!  Unbuntu/Fedora Linux will benifit greatly by making it possible for more Linux gamers to communicate with fellow online gamers of any platform.  The only problem is that the Linux client was never released.  Or at least, not yet.

I decided to visit their forumns to see if I could dig anything up.  To my surprise their was a section dedicated to Linux/Unix.  There was a single post titled ‘Pending release’, posted in May 2005.  the post thanks the community for it’s interest and states that there is no official release date yet.

I was far from satisfied with this answer, so I attempted to contact Ventrilo.  I sent this email to their sales department:


I’m looking to acquire a licensed version of the Ventrilo Linux client.  It’s been in development for about 3-4 years according to your web site.  So it must be pretty awesome by now!  I and many of my readers do a lot of Linux online gaming.  If you could send me a price quote or let me know when this product will be ready that would be great!  Have a great day!

Matt Birkland
Network Engineer/Editor & Chief

I’ll update you all with their response!


  • eric

    I highly doubt you’ll get a response. However, if you want Ventrilo for Linux, you should check out

    Comment | January 5, 2010
  • mattb

    The point is that they actively profit off Linux for their sever product and mislead the public about their development claims. No need for them to lie. Thank you for suggesting Mangler. I welcome Open Source alternatives!

    Comment | January 8, 2010
  • Joe Bogus

    Yea man, if you want to use a product, targeted at windows/mac users (for wow) on a different platform; you need to look at the simpler answer. Just run ventrilo on linux. Its not hard. Google knows all…

    Comment | August 28, 2010
  • mattb

    Ventrilo on wine is buggy as hell, but that isn’t what my post was about. My complaint is not a lack of alternatives options, but false advertising. Misleading customers…

    Comment | August 30, 2010

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