Windows 7 – no speakers or headphones are plugged in

I’ve been using Windows 7(Home Premium) for about a week now… and I gotta say I’m impressed.  It’s interface is almost as nice as Windows XP.  Running multiple programs doesn’t slow game frame rates nearly as bad and the desktop effects are pretty good.  Congratulations Microsoft!  You made a decent OS…  Only took 7 years, thus the name, ‘Windows 7’.  Although this is a huge leap forward there are still many, many problems.

For instance, my Soundblaster Live! Value sound card doesn’t have a driver from Microsoft or Creative Labs!  For God sake, it’s one of the most popular sound cards ever fabricated!  Are you *^&!@ing kidding me!?!?  So I ditched my card and re-enabled my Intel on-board audio.  Windows detected the driver just fine.

However, if I unplug the speakers and plug in my headphone the audio stops working.  Disabling the sound card or using Microsoft’s worthless trouble shooting Wizard doesn’t work.  I have to reboot Windows 7.  Then like magic, the sound works again.  Maybe that’s why there isn’t a fix for this?  The fix is to reboot your computer after plugging in head phones.

These cards have worked flawlessly in Windows(98, ME,2000, XP), Linux 2.6 kernel+ distros, and Mac OS X forever.  Forever and ever.  Still, after a whole week no crashes or virus…  yet.

Another problem I had was with the,  ‘ATI TV Wonder USB’ TV tuner product from Diamond Multimedia.  On the box it says it supports Windows 7.  While on the ATI website it say support for Windows 7 is forthcoming.  So I bought this USB TV Tuner card on a false premise that it was supported on my New Operating System.  However the good news is that AMD/ATI are treating Linux and Windows 7 like equals.  See screen shots below.

For Windows 7,

For Linux,

Packaged with the box is the installer CD that will use the Vista software to install on Windows 7.  The install completes, but allows limited functionality.  I mean limited in that, it works sometimes.  If you scan for channels you will get some TV, but it will crash frequently and you have to rescan every time it loads.  Also ClearQAM support is unavailable to Windows Media center due to ATI Licencing restrictions.  So for me I’m screwed, neither Windows 7, nor Linux support for ATI TV Wonder 650 USB product.  Bummer.

My feelings so far on Windows 7(so far) is summed up easily with the age old saying, “No speakers or headphones are plugged in.”

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