VoiceIP Solutions offers Asterisk PHP GUI for large scale deployments

VoiceIP Solutions
is a Asterisk ‘consulting & deployment’ company in Seattle Washington.  They deploy Asterisk solutions for businesses of all sizes.  From small offices to universities and call centers.  They have sites deployed all over the United States, but mostly on the West Coast.  I’ve been following them for some time; I guess they started deploying Asterisk before 1.2 was released.  I talked to one of their sales rep’s(I think his name was Liam) about the business and wondered if they had done any development work?  He told me that they had done some PHP work for managing larger installs and proceeded to direct me to one of there engineer/developers.

The Engineer(I can’t remember his name) told me that Digium‘s GUI was great, but was lacking for larger multi-site installations.  I asked how?  He told me that VoiceIP offers(mainly) Vanilla Asterisk with a flat dial plan.  The problem(for him) became apparent as the small company began acquiring larger and larger customers.  So he wrote BASH scripts that would read an ordinary spread sheet(.csv files) of names and numbers, to automaticlly generate Asterisk & Polycom configuration files.

After a number of months he added PHP, a MySQL database, and some links to other asterisk tools.  The project is called, ‘Voice Provision'(or VP for short).  The VP tool has some different features than Digium and the Trixbox’s GUI.  VoiceIP Solutions developed their GUI for deployers(themselves more specifically), but many features are easy for anyone to use!  See my screen shots.  They sent me a copy and a populated database.

For instance, other GUI’s available for Asterisk use databases to create the dial plan, store users, voicemail and other configuration details.  VP uses MYSQL to generate include files for the sip.conf, voicemail.conf, and extensions.conf.  This means that any custom changes you make will not get overwritten by the GUI.  VP also generates Polycom SoundPoint IP XML configuration files.  With many options for Polycom phones and other SIP devices.

All in all I like it.  It configures many Polycom phones and Asterisk SIP extensions from a spreadsheet, mass voicemail reset option, multiple line appearances can be made on the same Polycom phone and you can also create profiles for managing multiple sites on one PBX!  Plus the script automatically generates extension list for the Polycom XML phone directory.  I hope they release this as a GPL project…

Here is a link to VoiceIP Solutions if you want to check out their company.


  • Hello,

    A couple of our customers are using Asterisk together with our voice quality testing software both on Windows and Linux servers. Realizing that your company is an Asterisk expert we would like to kindly enquire for a cooperation possibility.

    The idea is to expand your Asterisk based software solutions into the ability to test and monitor voice quality at different terminations. Our interest here is to find a reliable partner to faster develop our voice/audio quality testing business.

    Our customers implement voice quality monitoring in the following way:

    1. Originate a call on the monitoring server using Asterisk manager interface to a server which is running an echo application.

    2. Monitor both inbound and outbound legs of the call and save them as wav files.

    3. Use AQuA (Linux or Windows version of our software) to compare the wav files.

    This approach seems to be quite effective as one does not need to purchase additional hardware thus utilizing existing infrastructure.

    We sincerely believe that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and would be looking forward to your feedback. Thank you!

    Best regards,
    Sami Talonen
    Sevana Oy

    Comment | October 9, 2009
  • mattb

    Sounds like a useful tool. If you send me a copy for a free trial, I’ll test it myself and blog about it. If it works well I’ll pass the idea along to my manager! Thank you for reading!

    Comment | October 9, 2009
  • Hi,

    Thanks! Please let me know what operating system you like the tool to be assembled for and also where to sent it 🙂 You can contact me directly at the email that is my name dot surname and then web site domain. Thanks!


    Comment | October 28, 2009
  • mattb – Fedora 11 – Linux

    Comment | October 28, 2009

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