Woot!!! World of Warcraft works w/ WINE on Fedora 10, Wine 1.1.14

Excuse me WORLD, but I though everyone should know that the World of Warcraft is finally working on my Fedora 10 system.  Good frames, hardly any glich’s.  Wrath of the Lich King and the other zones load without error.

The goals of this post:

– show the world it is possible to play WoW on Linux

– new reason to stop wasting an entire computer on Windows XP

– reasons why Wine is like 3 years too late and no one should care

– LAB: install WINE and World of Warcraft

For the record I’m using:

Fedora 10

WINE 1.1.14-1.fc10

intel 945G chipset

NVIDIA 9750 PCI-E Graphics (NVIDIA Driver version 180.29)

Soundblaster Live Value


The World of Warcraft is finally working well on Fedora 10.  I’ve tried with several different versions of Wine and Fedora, but there is always some bug.  Distorted images, messed up mini map, and zones that would stall half way through loading.  Now I got a what appears to be a fully functional copy of WoW running in Linux.

All I can say is ‘omfg’ over and over again.  I can finally relegate Windows to Virtual Machine status forever.  Or at least till they release a great OS at a reasonable price.  Which will likely not happen any time soon.  I’m betting that Microsoft’s strategy will revolve around patent litigation and FUD marketing against it’s competitors.

LAB: Install WINE and World of Warcraft

Okay now for the Lab…  this one will be easy.  We’re Yumming our way through.

[root@mattcom1 ~]# yum install wine*

Now login to your WoW account and download the install files.I installed the game by download, be aware it takes a lot of disk space.  Also it takes forever.

WoW Download

WoW Download

After the game has been downloaded and installed go to you ‘C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\’  directory.  By default the C drive is located in ‘/home/$YOURHOME/.wine/’.

[matt@mattcom1 World of Warcraft]$ pwd
/home/matt/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft

Open a terminal to start WoW with OpenGL option. Much better performance.

[matt@mattcom1 World of Warcraft]$ wine Wow.exe -opengl

WoW should start up!  Download you patches and mods.  I installed the Dominos mod for my bars and it worked great!  Just unzip the mods to the WoW addons folder as if it was Windows.

Eaglewind chill'n in Ebon Watch

Eaglewind chill

My mage farming Yeti’s:

Filthy Yeti's

Filthy Yeti

The Death Knight Residnteagle:

Death Knight

Death Knight

Agitation in Warsong:

Battlegrounds was good too!

Battlegrounds was good too!

75 frames per second!  I wasn’t doing this well on my Windows XP box w/ same graphics card:

79 frames per second

75 frames per second

So I’m happy this works, but it’s three years too late.  I can barley stand to grind another level…  like millions of other disenchented ex-WoW addicts that wish for features like: player housing, guild pvp, a decent built-in VoIP interface (that sounded good)… um also more battlegrounds, more arena’s, flying in the old zones, and more classes.  But besides all that, WoW is still the best MMO game available.  I can afford to pay Blizzard for now.  But to commit more than a couple hours a week to a game with this little new content… is hard.  I’d rather blog and work on Linux projects.  Send replies with your WoW Wine success stories, please include OS, hardware, and wine version.


  • steve

    is it possible to run this without opengl? on a ‘server’ ? i dont care if it lags


    Comment | August 23, 2010
  • mattb

    Yeah, but it’s way more likely to crash and you’ll take a huge git to frame rate. I mean if you just running a farming macro it will be fine. But Blizzard will catch on eventually.

    Comment | August 23, 2010
  • Tarminyatur

    I’m also now running WoW on WINE in OpenGL with Fedora 14, all the graphics settings I can have maxed are maxed out and still hitting 35-60FPS no problem – no pretty water tho as shadows and reflections do not play ball sadly.

    Comment | March 27, 2011
  • mattb

    It’s true, I suspect that blizzard auto detects for WINE and adjust the graphics cap so fewer people bitch that they haven’t released a linux client.

    I don’t care, I’m so passd this boring game… Cataclysm=’epic fail’.

    Comment | March 28, 2011

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