World of Warcraft keyboard bug using Fedora 10 and WINE 1.1.15

I have found an odd intermittent problem with World of Warcraft.  Once in a while, (and sometimes more) the keyboard will react with odd behaviour.  For instance I might be pressing the ‘w’ key to move forward and when I lift my finger off the key my toon continues to run.I don’t see any obvious errors.  The key bindings look fine to me.

I found some material online:

Hi All,
First off I want to say a big thank you for your great effort in producing Wine, my hats off to the developers.
I have Ubuntu 64bit edition and I have Wine 1.1.7 installed. I have noticed that when I play WoW, it appears that the keyboard buffer becomes full and my character goes off on his own. Sometime I can control it using the left, right and back keys, other times off it goes. Quite worrying when you are in a dungeon with a group and you are trying to fend off the monsters and your char starts to wander. This was also happening under Wine 1.1.6 as well.
I am not sure if this is a recent WoW issue as with the upgrade to V3 or is it a Wine issue. This weekend is the first time I have run WoW since March this year. I have been using Guild Wars and come to think of it, the character control there is a bit dodgy as well.
Any ideas?
Cheers and keep up the excellent work

I found this thread too, it had some decent advice but nothing that helped me.  The exceprt below from one of the posters describes the same problem I have to the letter(in this case ‘w’).

Ok, this has made it somewhat worse. I can get keyboard input into wine now but it seems to be pressing random keys. If I hold W (I play wow and this is to move forward) The key will “lock” for about ten seconds and then it acts as if I have pressed several other random keys.

I just did a ‘yum update’.  Maybe that will magically fix my problem with a reboot!

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