Fox News commentator contends Anonymous is, “major organizers of the Occupy Wall Street protests”

I know Fox News says and writes some nutty stuff, but this article I read  today takes the cake.  Contributer Dan Gainor writes about the poor defensless police of America being cyber bullied by ‘liberal protesters’.

He blames Anonmous(the online hacktivist group) for largely being responsible for the ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ movement.

What?  Are you f$^%&! kidding me? LOL… wow.  I think the movement was far more likely caused by 99% of Americas wealth in the hands of 1% of the population.  Is that liberal nonsense or basic math?

What I think Occupy Wallstreet is pissed about:

  1. massive wealth inequity
  2. bail outs for banks and large corporations
  3. jobs being shipped over seas by thoughtless trade agreements
  4. lack of health care
  5. lack of education
  6. lack of jobs
  7. high wages & benifits of public servants
  8. American debt
  9. endless war
  10. never ending taxes & fee’s
  11. cost of living increases
  12. etc…

But Dan writes further that Anonymous is the main culprit of publishing public data about individual officers that have arrested or pepper sprayed protesters.  Yet he offers no proof that any genuine member of Anonymous had anything to do with releasing any data about any officers at all.  In fact he doesn’t cite any supposed documents or examples personal information being released.

News flash Dan, It ain’t that hard to put a public record up on a web site.  Nor is it illegal. If Police officers were forced to be ‘from’ or ‘live in’ the neighborhoods they police there would be a lot less friction with the public.  The problem is that not enough officers care about what the average guy on the street thinks of them or how they do their job.  This angers Joe Public, considering the $100,000+ salaries  enjoyed by many police veterans.  When the police are rude to bystanders, commit crimes, and murder innocent men what can the average citizen do?  I’ve personally experienced this rudeness and witnessed off duty police officers stealing.  This last year alone two innocent men lost their lives to vicious attacks by police officers in Seattle and Oakland.  Cops look out for cops.

Honestly I think peaceful protest and peaceful hactivism is a better alternative than Terrorism and Civil War.  But Dan Gainor is a little dense.  He’s outraged by some police officers credit report being posted online, or directions to that officers house.  Statiscically speaking it’s safer to be a police office than a cab driver.  Anyone remember the White Pages?  Do you even get that Dan?

800,000 police in the USA, and 30 deaths in the line of duty.  0.0000375 of American police officers bit the big one last year.  Any death is regrettable but none were committed by political activist with a vendetta,

Taxi drivers face the likelihood of workplace homicide at four times the rate for police and other law enforcement jobs,

By the way, is posting directions to a police officers house really such a bad idea?  Perhaps an errant officer might reconsider unlawfully detaining of harming a citizen.  It’s happened so many time is Seattle recently, that the Justice Department is investigating SPD.

I have common sense solutions for Dans’s concerns over doxing police officers.  Have them lock their doors, espicially at night!  Take your service weapon home after your shift.  Communicate with your family many times though the day.  Get to know your neighbors.  Stuff that anyone should do because there is no privacy anymore.

Dan Gainor obviusly did no research for this article.  He interviewed no one and sites no credible sources.  He probably never heard of IRC and wouldn’t recognize a member of Anonymous if he was sitting in the cubicle next to him.  At the end of this douchey article, he hopes that “attorney General Holder should use the full force of government to investigate such intimidation and harassment of public safety personnel.”

Safety personal?  Fireman and EMT’s aren’t getting “doxed”.  Then again there isn’t a long well documented history of corruption  and brutality in Americas fire departments.  At least not in this century!  Dan Gainer is an idiot.  If he really gives a crap about work place violence he should stick up for cab drivers.

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