sip.conf – agent logoff example


context=default                 ; Default context for incoming calls
;allowguest=no                  ; Allow or reject guest calls (default is yes)
allowoverlap=no                 ; Disable overlap dialing support. (Default is yes)
;allowtransfer=no               ; Disable all transfers (unless enabled in peers or users)

bindport=5060                   ; UDP Port to bind to (SIP standard port is 5060)
; bindport is the local UDP port that Asterisk will listen on

bindaddr=                ; IP address to bind to ( binds to all)
srvlookup=yes                   ; Enable DNS SRV lookups on outbound calls

; Note: Asterisk only uses the first host
; in SRV records
; Disabling DNS SRV lookups disables the

type=friend                    ; Friends place calls and receive calls
context=from-sip               ; Context for incoming calls from this user
host=dynamic                   ; This peer register with us
dtmfmode=rfc2833               ; Choices are inband, rfc2833, or info

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