Automate Git Repository Setup with Python & Fabric

I love Git.  I find Git to be an intuitive way to track many versions between many systems.  Now all my default config files and scripts utilize Git.  However, logging into a server and creating the Git repo, then cloning it is a number of steps that detracts from getting work done.  

This tutorial outlines a basic example of using Fabric(Python automation module) to automate the process of creating  a ‘mycode.git’ repository and cloning it.  This tutorial was written for Cent OS 6.5, but could be adapted for Ubuntu and Fedora.  Basic knowledge of Linux and Python 3 is required.

If you need help setting up Python3, pip, and Fabric on CentOS 6 please refer to my earlier tutorial: https://www.savelono.com/linux/how-to-install-python-3-and-pip-3-for-centos-6.html

Goals of this post:

  • Write Python/Fabric function to automate the Git setup process
  • Write Python/Fabric function to automate cloning Git repository on local host



How to Install Windows 7 over a Network using Linux – PXE, DNSMasq, and Samba

As the age of the netbook arises; the ability to provision Operating Systems over the network becomes highly useful.  More and more these days, it’s less common to see CD/DVD ROM drives in laptops.  In my particular situation my laptop DVD-ROM drive failed.  This prompted me to embark on journey of sleepless nights, sifting through bad information and countless hours of ‘trial & error’ troubleshooting to make Windows 7 install from PXE boot server.

When I first started this project I had no idea what I was getting into or how difficult and poorly documented the PXE remote installation process is.  I imagined that I would use some kind RAM disk to load an ISO image of a Windows CD.  However, the process to boot an ISO image varies greatly between Operating Systems and Windows versions. So if you plan to install Windows XP or Linux using this tutorial…  you will fail.  This Tutorial is step by step for installing Windows 7(only) from a Fedora 10 provisioning server.  This tutorial assumes you have basic Linux, Windows, and Networking knowledge.

Goals of this post:

– Configure Linux Provisioning Server
– Prepare installation media and installation files
– Boot from PXE to Windows PE 2.0
– Install Windows 7 over Network