How to setup a Centurylink IQ SIP Trunk for Asterisk

Centurylink IQ architecture

I recently struggled to install a Centurylink SIP trunk.  Our rep could only provided us with Cisco configuration instructions.  From there we had to decipher the appropriate settings in Asterisk.  If you are reading this post you are probably in serious trouble right now.  Don’t worry!  Take a deep breath and keep reading!

 This is for Vanilla Asterisk 1.8.x.  I will cover sip.conf and extensions.conf examples.  The reference system is CentOS 7 paired with Asterisk 1.8.28.  This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of Asterisk and the core configuration files.

Goals of the Post:

  • Configure Centurylink IQ SIP Trunk (sip.conf)
  • Configure Inbound/Outbound dialing (extensions.conf)
  • Set Hosts Mapping (/etc/hosts)