Google Interview Answered in Python


I’m in the process of moving my mindset from static linear scripting to an object oriented one.  My goal is to solve problems with algorithms I create myself.  It’s a tough climb because I come from Systems Admin/Networking side of things and didn’t benefit from Computer Science theory and advanced mathematics.  I’m hoping to eventually move into a DevOps role where I can organically absorb from devs.  It would be great to be able to observe other approaches to problem solving.

The video above is a Google interview prep question from Youtube.  The interviewee solves it with C++, I provide my version in Python below.  Essentially, they are solved in a similar way.  Granted, it took me two weeks of stewing on it and the man above did it on the spot, but he’s a Software Engineer, so I feel pretty good!

The problem is to find pairs of integers that add to 8 from a list assumed to be in ascending order.  Negatives and doubles are possible.