Disable automatic offline mode in Firefox

If you use wireless with Fedora or Ubuntu then you problably encountered the annoying, “OFFLINE mode – Firefox is currently in offline mode and can’t browse the Web” page.  You start your web browser after selecting the access point you want and that obnoxious message appears.  So I’m writing this post to remind myself how to fix it without twenty minutes of googling.  Basically Firefox by default checks to see if you have a network connection via the Linux Network Manager applet.  This works fine under normal cicumstances, but I prefer init scripts to start my ethernet interfaces.  Even though you may be connected to the LAN, Firefox doesnt know.


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Microsoft and Novell bring Silverlight to Linux

I recently visited a local radio station hear the Mariners game) and the web site required Microsoft Silverlight to be installed for streaming audio.  It also noted that Silverlight was available for Apple OS X, Windows, and Linux.  Say that again?  Microsoft making multi-platform software?  Giving customers choice?  It sounds crazy, but it’s absolutely true.  Sorta, they are releasing the Linux version via an ‘Agreement not sue’ for downstream Novell customers.

The project is called, ‘Moonlight’.  When I went to download Silverlight from Microsofts website I was redirected to the Moonlight front page.  Moonlight is a part of the mono project.  The mono project is the Open Source version of ‘Active X’ sponored by Novell.  Microsoft has a sizable investment and co-marketing agreement with Novell, of whom is the distributor of SUSE Linux.

What is stange is that Microsoft doesn’t give an explicit agreement or license to use it’s ‘silverlight’ technology, instead it posted a covenant not to sue customers of Novell.  I’m not a lawyer but this seems odd to me.  Not to mention, that nobody really uses SUSE or Novell Linux; at least in terms of users and worker bee’s.