Python module for generating NPC’s in Star Wars RPG

Recently table top gaming has made a huge comeback.  For the first time in 20 years my friends and I are role playing!  We agreed on the new Star Wars RPG by Fantasy Flight games, STAR WARS: Age of Rebellion role playing game.  It’s novel in many aspects compared to the previous D6 and D20 systems.  If you like Role Playing and Star Wars I advise that you take a look!  Since I’m frequently tasked as the GM I’ve automated the process of Non Player Character creation with Python to free up more time for story development.  I developed a module toward this end.  It’s portable between scripts and is easy customize.

The code is on the page below, but you can find updated SWNPC on Github as well.

Goals of this post:

  • Introduce SWNPC module
  • Demonstrate how to customize npc() object
  • Example use