SOLVED: Real Player 11 Gold, ‘no sound’ issue with Fedora/Unbuntu

I like Real Player.  I like Real Networks too.  They use and support open source software.  They haven’t made the GPL leap yet, but at least Linux has a decent streaming media player because of them.  I was happy until a recent upgrade.

I was stumped on this one for a while.  I updated from Real Player 10 to 11 and then got no sound.  I uninstalled and tried the Real .bin package.  Same problem.  So I downgraded to Real Player 10, but again no sound(even though the player appears to be playing without error).

What made it worse was how lousy the support forum for Real Player on Linux is.  I mean it really sux.  The web design and support layout is okay, but there are no real answers to many of the post I looked at.  It was frustrating because there are many, many people experiencing the same problem.  I understand it’s free, but did anyone test it on Unbuntu and Fedora with different audio servers before release?  Right now, Unbuntu and Fedora use, PulseAudio, ALSA, and OSS.  Many times all of them at once, as to offer the most driver and application support.  Big oversight.

I tried OSS drivers with the same result:

Real Player 11 preferences

Real Player 11 preferences