OpenStack RDO Queens: Magnum – Kubernetes Cluster, Getting past VolumeType() Error

I’m putting together a microcloud demo based on RDO OpenStack.  I really want to see Kubernetes container orchestration in action!  Unfortunately the RDO packstack “all-in-one” distribution of OpenStack is rife with bugs and has few examples on setting up core services like Docker and Kubernetes support.  One thing I like about Ansible documentation is that all their module commands have real world examples that work.  There is little confusion on how playbooks should be written.  The OpenStack docs read like long man files with examples periodically sprinkled in.

Starting with this article I intend to write a series on setting up OpenStack RDO.  Along the way I’ll provide explanations, setup examples in Horizon and solutions to common OpenStack problems.  Today we are tackling volume creation error upon cluster creation.