World of Warcraft keyboard bug using Fedora 10 and WINE 1.1.15

I have found an odd intermittent problem with World of Warcraft.  Once in a while, (and sometimes more) the keyboard will react with odd behaviour.  For instance I might be pressing the ‘w’ key to move forward and when I lift my finger off the key my toon continues to run.I don’t see any obvious errors.  The key bindings look fine to me.

I found some material online:

Hi All,
First off I want to say a big thank you for your great effort in producing Wine, my hats off to the developers.
I have Ubuntu 64bit edition and I have Wine 1.1.7 installed. I have noticed that when I play WoW, it appears that the keyboard buffer becomes full and my character goes off on his own. Sometime I can control it using the left, right and back keys, other times off it goes. Quite worrying when you are in a dungeon with a group and you are trying to fend off the monsters and your char starts to wander. This was also happening under Wine 1.1.6 as well.
I am not sure if this is a recent WoW issue as with the upgrade to V3 or is it a Wine issue. This weekend is the first time I have run WoW since March this year. I have been using Guild Wars and come to think of it, the character control there is a bit dodgy as well.
Any ideas?
Cheers and keep up the excellent work



Asterisk Appliance AA50 firmware upgrade

I got an Asterisk Appliance from VoiceIP Solutions for the purpose of writing up some labs.  I just got my hands on the unit and the first thing we are a going to do is upgrade the firmware.  I’m going to start by plugging my laptop’s ethernet into the LAN port on the Asterisk Appliance.

The unit I’m working with is AA50.  You can only get the firmware by registering with Digium.  Which is inconvenient.  Not a very open policy for an open source product.  In any case you must obtain the current AA50 uImage- image for browser upload.  Which I won’t lie… it is not easy.  There is a clearly marked drop down for documentation on the Digium support page.  I easily found the PDF, but there was no link to the firmware.  I ended up using their built-in search bar to find a page with a link to the AA50 firmware. I then accidentally downloaded the CD ISO image first.  I did eventually find and download the firmware.  I logged into the appliance and chose the update tab.



Errors loading Asterisk addons, CDR(Call Detail Records) to MySQL

The other day I was doing an Asterisk 1.2 –> 1.4 upgrade.  I have a MySQL database that Asterisk records the Call Detail Record’s(CDR) too.  I deleted the asterisk 1.2 modules, then compiled/installed asterisk 1.4 & asterisk-addons 1.4.  Being that I hadn’t set up the CDR MySQL stuff in a while I loaded the res_mysql.conf, but I copied it from the cdr_addon.conf file by accident.  Because the two files have similer syntax It took me a while to figure this one out.  I checked all the passwords and I even checked the Asterisk CLI to see if the module loaded.  MySQL was populated with the same tables as before.  I also kept seeing this error (see below).

Possibly a mixed up addon file.

Possibly a mixed up addon file.

The error:

[Mar 15 03:25:44] ERROR[23793]: res_config_mysql.c:629 mysql_reconnect: MySQL RealTime: Failed to connect database server asterisk on  (err 2002). Check debug for more info.

The res_mysql & cdr_mysql have very similer config files, but you can’t ‘cut & paste’ between them.

Sample configuration for res_mysql.conf:

;dbhost =
;dbname = asterisk
;dbuser = myuser
;dbpass = mypass
;dbport = 3306
;dbsock = /tmp/mysql.sock

; Sample configuration for cdr_mysql.conf:


Be careful not to mix the two between upgrades!