ATI HD 4870 (catalyst 9.6) fails to load World of Warcraft

I just upgraded to a ATI HD 4870(w/ 1 Gig DDR 5!).  I read some rave reviews about the 4800 series cards and heard via the grapevine that ATI had much improved Linux support.  However, I was disappointed to find out that the catalyst 9.6 driver will not build with Fedora 11’s stock 2.6.29 kernel.  Bummer, I really like Fedora 11.

So I downgraded to Fedora 10 and the ATI driver built without problem.  My next mission was to install WoW, which went fine.  I was able to download and install without error.  But when I start the game I get one of two typical errors:

[matt@localhost World of Warcraft]$ wine Wow.exe
err:alsa:ALSA_CheckSetVolume Could not find ‘PCM Playback Volume’ element
fixme:mixer:ALSA_MixerInit No master control found on HDA ATI HDMI, disabling mixer
fixme:mixer:ALSA_MixerInit No master control found on Brooktree Bt878, disabling mixer
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\patch.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\patch-enUS-2.MPQ opened
archive Data\patch-2.MPQ opened
archive Data\expansion.MPQ opened
archive Data\lichking.MPQ opened
archive Data\common.MPQ opened
archive Data\common-2.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\locale-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\speech-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\expansion-locale-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\lichking-locale-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\expansion-speech-enUS.MPQ opened
archive Data\enUS\lichking-speech-enUS.MPQ opened
fixme:win:EnumDisplayDevicesW ((null),0,0x39edac,0x00000000), stub!
^Cwine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000018 at address 0x624dbf3e (thread 0009), starting debugger…



Tweaking Linux and WINE for World of Warcraft

It’s great that the World of Warcraft runs well on recent editions of WINE(Unbuntu/Fedora), but even when using OpenGL the typical Linux user can expect a frame rate reduction from 15%-30% over Windows XP.  However, I must point out that there are many reports of frame rate drops in Windows Vista and Presumably Windows 7(because of virtualization of XP apps).

All this is okay for typical grinding, leveling, and five man instances.  That said,  my GeForce 7950 GTX is only cranking out 30 FPS in low populated zones…  So for the bigger raids, PVP, and highly populated zones like Dalaran it can be frustrating trying to pwn at 12-16 FPS.  In fact my mission is to get at least 40 fps with the graphics card I have.

I was able to improve my frame rate by disabling mods like ‘Questhelper’ in battle grounds.  I added additional RAM to my system.  Although the frame rate boost was negligible; loading times were cut in half. (more…)


World of Warcraft won’t start under WINE after Fedora 10 update SOLVED

I did a ‘yum update’ on my Fedora 10 Linux box.  Right afterword I started WoW, but it crased and generated a error log that I saved to the desktop as, ‘imsettings-applet-bugreport.txt’  The error log complains that I’m not a member of the pulse-rt group.  I corrected that and WoW started normally.

Goals of this post:

-Describe how to add a user to the pulse-rt group for purpose of getting World of Warcraft under WINE running after a ‘yum update’



World of Warcraft keyboard bug using Fedora 10 and WINE 1.1.15

I have found an odd intermittent problem with World of Warcraft.  Once in a while, (and sometimes more) the keyboard will react with odd behaviour.  For instance I might be pressing the ‘w’ key to move forward and when I lift my finger off the key my toon continues to run.I don’t see any obvious errors.  The key bindings look fine to me.

I found some material online:


Hi All,
First off I want to say a big thank you for your great effort in producing Wine, my hats off to the developers.
I have Ubuntu 64bit edition and I have Wine 1.1.7 installed. I have noticed that when I play WoW, it appears that the keyboard buffer becomes full and my character goes off on his own. Sometime I can control it using the left, right and back keys, other times off it goes. Quite worrying when you are in a dungeon with a group and you are trying to fend off the monsters and your char starts to wander. This was also happening under Wine 1.1.6 as well.
I am not sure if this is a recent WoW issue as with the upgrade to V3 or is it a Wine issue. This weekend is the first time I have run WoW since March this year. I have been using Guild Wars and come to think of it, the character control there is a bit dodgy as well.
Any ideas?
Cheers and keep up the excellent work



Woot!!! World of Warcraft works w/ WINE on Fedora 10, Wine 1.1.14

Excuse me WORLD, but I though everyone should know that the World of Warcraft is finally working on my Fedora 10 system.  Good frames, hardly any glich’s.  Wrath of the Lich King and the other zones load without error.

The goals of this post:

– show the world it is possible to play WoW on Linux

– new reason to stop wasting an entire computer on Windows XP

– reasons why Wine is like 3 years too late and no one should care

– LAB: install WINE and World of Warcraft