Voice Provision .04

Voice Provision .04


VP .04 is a web tool for managing Asterisk PBX, ‘SIP realtime database’. SIP objects and voicemail are managed via MySQL ODBC connection from Asterisk. In addition, VP .04 is specifically designed for Polycom Soundpoint IP products and includes the ability to generate configuration files as well as remotely reboot registered phones after a change has been made. VP .04 does not make any modifications to the dial-plan (extensions.conf), or manipulate the dial-plan in any way.

Design proposal for login screen


Admin Login Page

Asterisk 1.6 ODBC Realtime SIP users

Asterisk 1.6 ODBC Voicemail

Profiles for different SIP & Polycom configurations

CSV import/export feature

Automatic Polycom Soundpoint IP FTP provisioning

Main Pages

Front Page:


Contains one table as a complete list of phones much like vp3 front page. When finally merged with the design/CSS will contain a tab with the ‘Profiles'(see below).

Settings Page:


The ‘Profile Page’ contains a table at the top of the page with a list of current Profiles to edit or delete. There are two types of settings divided into two list: Polycom settings and SIP settings. Together they for a profile that can be applied to any SIP device.

Current setting options,

Polycom: SIP:

voipprot1 custom1 host useragent

voipprot2 custom2 type secret

sntpaddress custom3 context port

gmtoffset dtmfmode canreinvite

sipoutboundproxy qualify nat

Design proposal for SIP profile tab,

Add SIP Account Page:


The ‘Add SIP ExtensionPage’ is where single extensions may be created. A new SIP extension must be either assigned to a ‘shared profile’ or assigned it’s own. Selecting a shared profile will load that profiles values into the form. Most SIP extension should be assigned to a shared profile.


name mailbox

host qualify

type secret

Polycom MAC port

callerid useragent

context Line

dtmfmode Profile

CSV Backup

VP4 allows for the option of backup and restore using the common CSV spreadsheet format. Download a backup of your database and open with Microsoft Excel or the free OpenOffice Calc program. The CSV Upload Page contains a table of previous backups and an option to choose and upload. The upload to mysql is handled by ‘import_csv.php’.

CSV Backup ‘SIP & Voicemail’ TAB


CSV Backup ‘Profiles’ TAB


Other Significant Items:

PHP SIP class library from Google

/vp4/libs/PhpSIP.class.php & /vp4/libs/PhpSIP.Exception.php & polycom_reboot.php

Code from Google PHP SIP project is used to send an alert message to reboot a SIP device. The downside to this is that the function must know the IP address of the phone and this is accomplished by querying the realtime database. Thus a phone can only be rebooted if it has already been registered. Still this will be useful for edits.

function polyprov()


polyprov() takes an extension as an argument to create a Polycom *-phone.cfg file. Polyprov() works for up to three line appearances. Polyprov generates additional paremeters in the custom1, custom2, and custom3 from profile.

Project Status 10/22/10

What Works:

  • adding,editing, & deleting users with shared profile

  • Create shared profile

  • Create unique profile

  • polycom provisioning works for up too 3 line appearances

  • CSV upload and download work (two tabs, will be consolidated too one table)

  • polycom auto-reboot works for registered devices

  • add, edit, & delete dynamic realtime voicemail

What Doesn’t Work:

  • CSS and Design (mock ups done)

Voice Provision .05 Road-map

  • separate user logins/passwords

  • SSL or secure login option

  • (optional) incoming call rules include page

  • (optional) IVR call recording function similar to Digium GUI

  • (optional) ‘#include’ file generation for backwards compatibility with VP3

  • Web Based installer similar to SugarCRM

  • Validate certain user data

  • Queries by auto-incremated unnique ID

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